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Pipeline Repipe Services

Types of Piping We Reroute

Repiping with PEX

When it comes to the world of modern plumbing, PEX stands out as a revolutionary material that has transformed the way homeowners and professionals alike approach repipe projects.

PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, boasts flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness, setting it apart from its traditional counterparts like copper and galvanized steel.

With its ability to withstand both cold and hot temperatures without succumbing to corrosion, PEX offers a long-lasting solution to homeowners seeking to update their plumbing systems. Its flexible nature means a quicker, less invasive installation process, minimizing disruptions in your daily life.

Old Galvanized or Zinc-Coated Pipes

If they’ve been in your home for over 25 years, are potential threats to your plumbing system. They degrade over time, leading to possible leaks and pressure issues.

Copper Piping

We ensure a smooth repipe process, minimizing risks and potential costly errors. Copper piping, known for its durability and versatility, can be provided at competitive rates, ensuring reliable plumbing.

Top Repiping Specialists in Riverside County

With our services, homeowners also receive comprehensive warranty coverage, mitigating the risks of future costs from repairs or potential home damage.

Best Repiping Plumbing Equipment

Our specialists not only bring extensive repiping experience but also come equipped with top-notch tools and gear.

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Reasons Behind Pipe Damage

Corrosion: All pipes, over time, succumb to wear. External factors like chemicals, water pH imbalances, and minerals can hasten this deterioration.

High Water Pressure: Good for showers but detrimental to pipes, leading to leaks or even bursts.

Damaged Seals: Vital for preventing leaks, when these seals wear out, they can lead to seepages.

Compromised Connections: Natural events or shifts in your home’s foundation can damage pipe connections.

Constant Drain Clogs: Repeated blockages not only inconvenience you but also strain your plumbing system.

Indicators That Repiping is Needed

Pressure Problems: Low water pressure often indicates blockages or severe corrosion.

Inconsistent Water Temperature: A result of deteriorating hot water lines or obstructions in anti-scald devices.

Water Discoloration: Corroded pipe interiors shed flakes that tint the water.

Unusual Noises: Abnormal sounds suggest that there are issues with the pipes or fixtures.

Fixture Limitations: An inability to use multiple fixtures at once without issues.

Slab Leak Signs: Moisture in areas like basements could also indicate pipe problems.

Why Repipe Replacement is Beneficial

Cost-Effective: Techniques like trenchless piping are efficient, lasting, and reduce future expenditures.

Less Invasive: Modern methods, such as cured-in-place pipe and trenchless technology, require minimal disruption to your property.

Quick Solutions: Contemporary repiping methods are swift, often wrapped up in just a few hours.

Comprehensive Solutions: Issues like corrosion, cracks, and roots infiltrating the pipes can all be addressed.

Enhanced Lifespan: The newer pipes have improved longevity, with some trenchless solutions lasting up to half a century.

Plumbing Remodeling & Rerouting Services

Beyond repipe services, we offer specialized plumbing remodel solutions. Whether you’re considering adding a chic hair wash station, envisioning an additional sink in the bathroom, or undertaking a complete bathroom or kitchen remodel, our team is adept at rerouting and remodeling plumbing to suit your requirements. No need to search for a “bathroom remodel plumber” or “kitchen remodel plumbing” – our team encompasses all these services and more.

Repipe Specialist Services You Might Need

Repiping, in essence, involves replacing old or damaged pipes with new ones, typically due to age, material issues, or changing needs. Here are some examples of the ones most likely to require repiping or rerouting of existing pipes include:

Home Expansion/Addition: If the new sections require integration with the existing plumbing system, especially if there are older pipes that need to be replaced to handle the increased load.

Conversion of a Bathtub to a Stand-alone Shower: This could necessitate the rerouting of water supply lines and drainage.

Garage or Basement Refinishing with Plumbing Needs: If a garage or basement is being turned into a living space with a bathroom or kitchen, old unused plumbing lines may need to be revived or replaced.

Complete Bathroom or Kitchen Overhaul: Major remodels, especially where the layout changes, may require old pipes to be replaced with newer ones to accommodate the new design.

Building a Granny Flat or Accessory Dwelling Unit: If the unit is being built in a place where older structures once stood, or if it’s integrating with an existing main home’s older plumbing system.

Conversion of Space into a Laundry Room: Shifting or adding new water supply lines and drainage for washing machines might require replacement of older pipes to ensure efficiency.

Installing an Island Sink in a Kitchen: This could mean rerouting water and drainage lines under a slab, which might lead to replacing sections of old pipes.

However, these scenarios assume that the existing plumbing is old, made of outdated materials, or not up to code. In many modern homes or those with recently updated plumbing, repiping might not be needed, and simpler pipe extensions or rerouting could suffice. It’s always best to call Pipeline Plumbing & Drain Specialists to assess the exact needs of the project.

Each of these remodels below may require the expertise of repipe specialists or plumbing remodel experts to ensure the job is done correctly, efficiently, and in compliance with local codes.

Some of these remodels would be more about extension or addition rather than replacement or rerouting of existing pipes. Always consult with plumbing professionals to understand the scope and specifics of each project.

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Home Remodeling Plumbing Projects

Plumbing Services We Offer for Your Home Remodeling Project


Upgrading to a Tankless Water Heater: This might need new pipe routes depending on its location compared to the old heater.

Repositioning Water Heaters: Moving the heater to a more strategic or concealed location.

Upgrading from Single to Double Ovens: Some modern double ovens use steam for cooking, which requires a water line.

Adding an Additional Sink: Especially in master bathrooms where two sinks (his and hers) are becoming popular.

Bathroom Expansion: Increasing the size or altering the layout of a bathroom often requires moving existing plumbing lines.

Adding a Powder Room: Even a small powder room requires water supply and waste drainage lines.

Adding a Hair Wash Station: Popular in salons and now in some homes, this requires both water supply and drainage.

Kitchen Remodel: Redesigning a kitchen, especially moving a sink or dishwasher, can mean repiping to accommodate new locations.

Laundry Room Relocation: Moving the laundry area from one part of the house to another or from a basement to an upper floor.

Incorporating a Wet Bar: Adding a wet bar in a living room or recreation area requires water supply and drainage.

Home Theater Installation: Some luxury home theaters incorporate wet bars or even small kitchenettes.

Adding a Master Suite: Incorporating an en-suite bathroom requires plumbing extension from existing lines or creation of new ones.

Adding a Second Floor: Introducing a new level to your home will often involve extending existing plumbing upwards.

Outdoor Additions: Installing an outdoor kitchen, shower, or a pool house with facilities can demand new plumbing routes.

Garage Conversion: Turning a garage into a living space, like an apartment, will require plumbing if you’re adding a bathroom or kitchen.

Installing a Central Heating System: In homes relying on radiators, new piping may be needed for the boiler system.

Creating a Home Spa or Sauna: These luxury additions will require water supply and, in some cases, specialized plumbing solutions.

Introducing a Garden Bathroom: Popular in luxury homes with extensive gardens, allowing guests to use the restroom without entering the main house.

Introducing Radiant Floor Heating: This system requires water pipes to be laid underneath the flooring for heating purposes.

Renovating for Accessibility: Homes being modified for elderly or disabled residents might require bathroom and kitchen fixtures to be relocated for easier access, necessitating plumbing changes.

Central Air Conditioning with Hydronic Cooling: Some advanced air conditioning systems use chilled water to help cool the air. Installing these might require additional plumbing.

Outdoor Sprinkler System: For extensive gardens or lawns, an integrated sprinkler system will need a dedicated water line.

Greenhouse Installation: If you’re adding a professional-grade greenhouse, you might need both water supply and drainage systems.

Installation of a Jacuzzi or Hot Tub: While primarily requiring electrical work, these also need water supply and drainage.

Integrating a Fishpond or Water Feature: Large, integrated water features or ponds in a garden can require dedicated plumbing.

Adding a Mudroom with a Sink: For cleaning off outdoor gear or pets before entering the main house.

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Water Line Reroute Services

Home Remodeling Plumbing

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