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When you need an experienced professional to help with a water pressure problem, turn to our team at Pipeline Plumbing & Drain Specialists! Our 5-star rated professional plumbers in Murrieta, CA utilize a time-saving and cost-effective approach to handle every water pressure problem we face.

The importance of proper water pressure

Water pressure regulators (also known as pressure reducing valves) are designed to take the high pressure water that’s coming into the home or business from the city water service and lower it to a level that’s more suitable for the plumbing system.

When water pressure regulators fail, the high pressure water coming in can cause toilets to run, faucets to drip, and pipes to burst. Not only that, but water pressure over 70PSI can cause significant damage to and shorten the life of your appliances. That’s why it’s important to protect them by making sure your water pressure regulator is working properly.

Common Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure issues are incredibly common, especially in older homes. Some of the most common causes we see for water regulation issues include:

  • Corroding or damaged pipes due to age or outside factors
  • Water pipe clogs
  • Problems with the shut-off valve
  • Faulty or broken pressure regulator
  • Water leaks
  • Built-up mineral deposits

Professional Water Pressure Repair Services

Whether you need a simple part repair or a full regulator replacement, you can count on our experts at Pipeline Plumbing for superior quality and professional results. Our water pressure repair services include:
  • Water pressure regulator adjustment
  • Water pressure regulator repair
  • Water pressure regulator replacement & installation
Fortunately, many water pressure problems can be resolved with simple repairs – however, if you need a complete regulator replacement or more complicated work, we’re also prepared to work with your needs and budget to find the right replacement for you.

Professional Water Pressure Repair Services

Repairing Water Pressure Regulator Cost

The cost to install and repair a water pressure regulator varies depending on site conditions and options, as well as the type of water pressure regulator selected. Give us a call at (951) 289-5514 or request a quote online!

Frequently Asked Questions

About high/low water pressure regulation services

About Water Pressure

What is water pressure?

Water pressure is the force that is used to push water through pipes. This pressure is dependent on the elevation of your property to the elevation of the reservoir that provides water to your home. The average home water pressure is between 40-60 PSI, with 50 PSI being ideal.

What does high water pressure mean?
High water pressure is pressure over 65 PSI. Water pressure over 70 PSI can cause significant damage to your residential pipe system and fittings.
How do I know if I have high water pressure?
Check your home for leaky faucets, constantly running toilets, irregular water pressure flowing from your showers and sinks, water coming out in spurts, and banging, knocking or hammering sounds coming from the pipes when you turn on your faucet. If you notice any of these signs, call Pipeline Plumbing & Drain Specialists. We have the tools needed to investigate the problem and protect your home.
How do I adjust my residential water pressure?
To adjust your residential water pressure, we will first need to locate your home’s water pressure regulator, sometimes called the pressure reducing valve (PRV). Next, our trained plumbing professionals will check your home’s current pressure and adjust the pressure appropriately.
How do I check the water pressure coming into my home?

Pipeline Plumbing & Drain Specialists can help! Using a certified water pressure gauge, our team accurately informs residents of the water pressure that is feeding into their home. We then adjust the pressure as needed.

About Water Pressure Regulators

How does a water pressure regulator work?
Water traveling from the city’s main water source arrives at your home at a high pressure. Too much water pressure can cause many plumbing problems to occur within your home. A pressure reducing valve (PRV) helps to reduce the water pressure coming into your home through the main water line. The valve lowers the pressure to safe levels before entering your home.
Can I install and maintain the pressure regulator myself?
To prevent causing damage to your residential plumbing fixtures and appliances, we recommend you give Pipeline Plumbing & Drain Specialist a call. Our licensed, trained, and certified plumbers have all the tools and experience needed to safely protect your home from high water pressure.
Where should the pressure regulator be installed?
Pressure regulators are installed where the main water line feeds into your home, after the main shutoff valve.
How long does a water pressure reducing valve last?
A water pressure reducing value (PRV) will typically last homeowners about 5 years. Call Pipeline Plumbing & Drain Specialists today for expert advice on the right PRV for your home.
Do you provide a warranty on water pressure regulation services?

Pipeline Plumbing & Drain Specialists offers complimentary labor warranties on our work. Please call our office at (951) 289-5514 to learn more.

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