Gas Line Repair & Installation

Gas line repair and installation is serious business. We want to make sure we emphasize how important this is for your health and anyone else on your property that needs gas line repair and installation. If there’s a problem or leak with yours, we are a full-service company ready to send a trained professional out to fix it promptly.

How can you be aware of gas leaks? How do you know if you need for gas line services?

There are 3 main ways to determine if you have a gas leak that needs professional services.

Scent: When we think of smelling gas, most of us imagine the scent of petroleum at a gas station. However, most natural gas doesn’t have much of a smell at all. If it does, did you know gas can smell like rotten eggs, garlic or sulfur?

If you smell any of these things, please give us a call immediately. Gas can be dangerous, and we want to make sure to take of any gas leaks for you pronto.

Sight: You know you might have a gas leak if you see:

  • Dying plants or vegetation at one particular site of a property.
  • Dirt or dust flying in the air that is not normal.
  • Bubbling of water that is normally still.

Sound: If you hear any hissing or peculiar whistling sounds, try and locate their source. That could be a gas leak.

You might have a gas leak. Now what?
  1. Turn off the gas immediately to prevent any dangerous possibilities from happening.
  2. Give Pipeline Plumbing a call and let us know the trouble you’re experiencing. We’ll make sure to send out a trained professional ASAP to take care of that gas leak for you.
Why might you have a leaky gas line?

There are a few reasons your gas line might leak. It could be time simply wearing away your appliances or something weather related, like a frigid storm or earthquake that could’ve caused damage to your gas line.

What if you don’t have a problem with a line, you just need a new gas line put in?

Our team at Pipeline Plumbing is more than happy to install brand new gas lines, as well as repair or replace older ones. Just let us know exactly what it is you need, and we’ll find a solution to help you take care of it. When it comes to gas, we want to make sure it’s done safely and exactly right.

What will it cost?

Every gas line repair, replacement and installation is unique. We’ll come out in person to do a free consultation to make sure we offer you the best solution for you and the estimate for that.

There may be multiple solutions to choose from, such as to repair or replace a gas line. We’ll give you an honest recommendation as to which we think is best.


**It’s also good to note: We offer different options to make sure it gets fixed right. One option may cost less, but it can also mean it’s not a permanent solution. We want to give you the option that will benefit you and your home the most in the long term.

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